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Telling your story, is making a film about your life.
Crea’do prod
Crea'do supports you in the production of your videos. We assist you with the preparation and the writing of the script, the choice of the voiceover as well as the graphic and sound design. Crea'do offers you its expertise combining creativity, innovation, quality and technical know-how.


A catalog or an e-commerce website creation requires a good resolution and a high quality images (an original photo capture, image processing and retouching).

Product videos

Presenting a new product, demonstrating it, exhibiting its features, improvements and how to use, can be broadcast everywhere you want.

Motion design

An animation technique that adapts perfectly to a corporate film, it offers complete creative freedom, personalized and impactful storytelling, and a flexible cost.

Explainer Video

Introduce your company, tell its story, highlight its employees and services, transmit your ideology, your passion and your work atmosphere.


Broadcast an advertisement on television or on social networks, and add a voiceover, a dressing and a packshot (usually created in 3D).


Aerial shots by drone, safe flight techniques. In photos or video, at low altitude, this filming technique integrates and enriches any type of film.

sound design

Creation of musical packaging for your videos & podcasts. We also provide voiceover recording to enhance the impact of your communication.

live streaming

Filming in multi-cameras and broadcast an event live on site or live on a website, web TV or social networks. Adaptive streaming enables a better user experience.